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We are experts in helping businesses, charities and not-for-profits navigate the complex world of GDPR, Data Protection, and privacy. Over the last decade individual privacy and data protection have become key issues for many organisations, with some careless companies receiving fines of millions of pounds.

At Aeonian Projects we’re passionate about helping you and your organisation meet your statutory obligations with respect to data protection. We have helped organisations both large and small deal with hundreds of Data Breaches and Subject Access Requests, delivered training to hundreds of people, and implemented compliance frameworks to reduce data protection risks – to name but a few of the ways we can help you!

We can provide you with one off support via our Savvy Data Credits or on-going support via Savvy Data Monthly, and we can even act as your ‘in house’ virtual Data Protection Officer.

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Data Protection (GDPR) Services

Free Quick Data Protection Health Check

Free Quick Data Protection Health Check

A short health check to see if you have what you need in place. It gives you a substantial report with a quick snapshot of where you are.

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Data Protection Services – Savvy Data

Data Protection Services – Savvy Data

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Facing a data breach or someone requesting access to data can be tricky to deal with. Give us a call and we will help pick it up. For guaranteed availability, take some Savvy Data Pre-Paid Credits and have services ‘in the bank’ for when you need them. For longer-term services see our Savvy Data Monthly.

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures
From a review of what you have in place to part or complete development of a documentation suite, we can produce documentation that fits your organisation and meets requirements. Contact us now for more details.

Data breaches and information requests

GDPR Data breaches and information requests

Worried about data breaches or Subject Access Requests? Had a Data Breach or a SAR drop in your mailbox? Contact us now and we can help you through.

Data retention

Data retention
Believe it or not, you cannot store information forever if it’s not needed! The UK GDPR says you can only keep personal data for as long as is necessary. We can help you implement a retention schedule, so you know how long to keep that information and when to get rid of it. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Data Protection audit/gap analysis

Data Protection audit/gap analysis

We help you take a deeper dive into your data protection compliance. If you don’t comply with the law, you are risking fines and legal actions. Ideal for medium or larger organizations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


We can offer training in data protection at various levels including refresher training, data protection for Managers, and data protection for Admin staff. We can tailor the delivery to the needs and scale of your organisation. Don’t hesitate – contact us!

Data Protection Services


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